AMS PERFORMANCE Ladeluftkühler Nissan R35 GTR

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Neuer AMS PERFORMANCE Ladeluftkühler für den Nissan GTR.   The Alpha R35 GT-R... mehr
Produktinformationen "AMS PERFORMANCE Ladeluftkühler Nissan R35 GTR"

Neuer AMS PERFORMANCE Ladeluftkühler für den Nissan GTR.


The Alpha R35 GT-R Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) is one of the best performing, best looking intercooler upgrades you can buy and has 9 second time slips to back it up. This is the same durable, race-proven front mount intercooler used on our Alpha 9 package and is most effective for GT-Rs producing up to 1000HP.




-Direct bolt-on requires NO cutting or trimming

-75% more internal flow area than stock

-One piece construction looks and functions better than the competition’s two piece configuration

-Smooth flowing cast end tanks allow for better airflow over the competition’s sheet metal units

-3” inlet and outlet ports

-Precisely molded silicone couplers to optimize airflow volume, velocity and fitment

-Will bolt up to stock piping or most aftermarket pipe kits that are designed for the stock intercooler

-Bar and plate intercooler core, the best performing on the market!

-OEM-like fit and finish

-All AMS intercoolers are pressure tested after assembly to 50 psi


Kit Includes


-Front Mount Intercooler

-Custom molded silicone couplers

-Hose clamps




-Garrett Intercooler Core

-Intercooler core dimensions: 9” tall, 22” wide and 4” thick

-Optimal for GT-Rs up to 1000HP (appx. 800 whp)


-Comes with black “Alpha” painted logo

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