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OVERVIEW   Out of necessity, we had to develop and improve upon the OEM clutch... mehr
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Out of necessity, we had to develop and improve upon the OEM clutch fork. The OE stamped steel units are prone to cracking, bending, and failing in all conditions, from OEM clutches to heavy-duty dual disks.  We highly recommend installing our clutch fork anytime the transmission and engine are disconnected as it is inexpensive insurance to solve a prevalent issue within the Subaru community. Our forged fork was designed utilizing advanced FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to dramatically increase strength, rigidity, and overall longevity. The unit is forged from 4130, heat-treated, and then cryo treated for superior physical properties. The clutch fork fits a variety of Subaru makes and models; please refer to our fitment chart at the bottom of this page.




Forged Clutch Fork




Increase Strength

Increase Rigidity

Improve Pedal Feel

Increase Longevity of Clutch Fork

OEM Fit and Finish

Rated for Use in Applications Exceeding 1000 LBS of Pressure Plate Use




FEA Optimized Design

Forged 4130 Chromoly Steel

Heat Treated to Hardness of 26-32 HRC

Cryo-treated for Improved Physical Properties

Black Oxide Coated for Rust Resistance




As shown above, you can see the severe decrease of stress concentrations moving from OEM to machined, to finally forged. All graphs are set the exact same, with yield strength at the limit of the color code (red).  Warmer colors, like red and purple, show areas over yield strength.  The cooler colors, like deep blue, represent areas of low stress.  The Verus Engineering clutch fork has improved again in strength as a result of the forging process when compared to the machined and OE component.  This will ultimately mean a longer and better life out of your driveline components, including your clutch, transmission, and of course your clutch fork.

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